Top 5 Symbolic Actions At Weddings.

Jessica The Celebrant.  Example of handfasting.

Over 80% of the weddings I do have a symbolic action in the ceremony.  These are often something that is special to the couple or their family.  They can be a tradition from their culture, something meaningful to acknowledge the passing of a loved one or a fun moment to get guests in the party mood!  These are the top 5 symbolic actions I have performed at my weddings. I love coming up with new ideas and making these unique to you.  Get in contact so we can talk about your ceremony.  Jessica

Favourite Music Of A Loved One.

The perfect way to acknowledge a close family member who can’t join because of distance or death.  The music can be the part of the entrance or played during the ceremony as a moment of reflection.  As the celebrant I would ensure within the script we acknowledge the music and tell the guests why it is significant for the couple.


A fun tying of ribbon around the couple’s arms whilst a reading is spoken.  I am well practiced in the version where as the couple draws away the ribbon ‘ties the knot’.  This is a lot of fun and the ribbon can be added to your keepsake box with your ceremony script for later.

Sand Blending and Candle Lighting.

This is a particularly lovely way of bringing together blended families by allowing all members to stand at the front of the ceremony.  Sand blending has every family member allocated a sand colour that they pour into one container.  The candle lighting has everyone light an individual candle and then together light one large family candle.  As the celebrant I can then speak over this action with words that talk about your all coming together.  We would practice this a lot in the rehearsal!

Proposing a Toast with Shots.

Some of my couples have had their favourite shot made and distribute whilst they are signing their certificates.  Once completed the couple and guests raise a shot to the couple and their future.  This action always gets the party started!

Tree Planting.

Particularly popular with my couples who have links to nature and the countryside.  Dirt is brought from the home of each couple and used to plant a tree.  Often we do this in a pot so that the tree can be taken home by the couple and planted in their backyard.

Need more ideas?

  • Tug of War
  • Maypole of Unity
  • Sharing Tea
  • Build a Heart from Lego
  • Burying the Vows
  • Create Abstract Art
  • Scottish Quaich
  • Pick Your Ring bearers with Questions About the Couple

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