Fun Alternative Wedding Confetti Ideas & Inspiration.

Fun Alternative Wedding Confetti Ideas & Inspiration.  Picture is of confetti.

I love a wedding with confetti and am glad we are moving beyond most recent times that saw the banning of this fun.  I understand the concerns for venues with all the paper bits hanging around for months!  Now we have so many options I thought a round up would be helpful for you.  Here are some fun alternative wedding confetti ideas and inspiration.

Say No To Rice.

Not only is rice not great for the birds, they eat it and it’s really bad for their digestion.  It hurts.  It.Hurts.So.Much.  Having sat in the pews of a rice throwing wedding I was shocked as I got hit with an onslaught of rice when the couple walked past me.  Afterwards I asked the Bride and she said it was the worst moment of her life.  The pain, especially when it landed on their faces was too much.  And this was a nice wedding where no one was deliverately lobbing it at them!

Drinks and Confetti Don’t Mix.

Refrain from handing out any drinks before your confetti moment.  This poor grandma did a classic move and accidentally threw her Pimms drink on the Bride.  Don’t worry, all is well.  Once the Bride sorted out her contact lens that had dislodged with the fruit, everyone laughed.  And at the next wedding Grandma was given a Tippee cup to drink from!

Throw Some Rose Petals Or Eucalyptus Leaves.

Rose petals or other flowers have become the go to confetti option due to their green friendly credentials.  An easy additional request to your florist the petals biodegrade or are often blown away with wind.  Alternatives that smell great and are cost effective are olive leaves and eucalyptus leaves. Amounts wise, be generous if you can so people can do two or three handfuls.  The first throw is always awkward for everyone!

Winter Wedding Throw Some Snow.

I’ve attended a winter wedding where the guests threw faux snow and it looked lovely.  Perfect for weddings in the darker months it can add a festive feel to the day.

Bubbles Are Pretty.

A little bit more expensive but well worth it are having bubbles at the wedding.  Guests love to engage their inner child and blow bubbles all over the couple.  The best bit? They are soft and light so no harm is done to anyone. You do need quite a lot of bubbles for them to be in view on photos so best for weddings with 50+ guests.  It also provides an activity for guests young and old as they wait in the awkward time between the ceremony and reception.

Picture of couple coming down the aisle and guests are throwing paper pom poms.  Perfect for indoors.
Photo from Shutter Go Click Photography

Paper Pompoms And Paper Planes Are Perfect For Indoors.

Easy to create with online tutorials, perhaps this could be a hen or stag activity?  Have your guests throw these large paper pom poms again and again as you head down the aisle.  Dramatic and striking these look great in photographs and perfect for indoor weddings where venues don’t allow petals on their carpets. An alternative is paper aeroplanes, just as perfect for indoors.

Popcorn For Film Buffs.

Why not?  I had a lovely couple who met at a film club and themed their day around their favourite movies.  For their entrance as a married couple the guests threw popcorn from cute containers.  It was perfect and the local wildlife were seen later feasting on their spoils!

Show Your Colours.

Which ever option you go for think about the colours that you want.  Perhaps one of you is mad about a specific football or rugby team.  A nice touch is to use the team colours in this element of your wedding day for that sporty person.  Get in contact with me if you want to celebrate a milestone or have me conduct your wedding ceremony.


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