Would You Have a Buddymoon Or Friendmoon?

Group jumping against a sunset. Would You Have a Buddymoon Or Friendmoon?

Everyone is ready for the traditional honeymoon after their wedding but would you have a Buddymoon or Friendmood?  Both involve inviting your close friends to come with you, extending the party if you will.  Started by the fabulous Jennifer Aniston who ‘buddymooned’ with husband Justin and her close friends it is becoming a trend expected to become the norm in 2021.  As more millennials work longer hours the friendmoon allows everyone to get together for quality time and nurture their friendships.

Have You Travelled With Your Friends Before?

Knowing how successful your buddymoon will be can be pre-empted by previous friend holidays or even days out.  Recall the vibe of the group and think about if this is what you want for your honeymoon.  What are key priorities?  Do people need high energy activities?  How important is food?  What is everyone’s likely budget?

Pre Book Group Activities and Spa Time.

Have some sort of itinerary that everyone is following is helpful.  This takes the pressure off the newlyweds making sure everyone is happy, it’s their holiday too!  Pick a destination that allows exploration and activities.  One of the most memorable friend holidays I went on had us all meet in the morning after breakfast, spend time together for an activity and lunch with ‘free time’ in the afternoon.  Some of us stuck together and lounged by the pool, others booked spa time.  We all got back together for dinner and dancing and it was perfect!

Get Everyone To Put Into A Kitty or Use A Money App.

Organising as much as possible before the trip and making those payments removes the awkwardness of people not being able to pay their way.  Have everyone pay into a kitty, a place where money is held and used for group taxis and meals.  Or use a money app that allows you to track who owes what.  Splitwise is perfect for this as at the end of the trip you can hit a button and make the payment straight from your bank account.

Make Sure There is Some Alone Time.

As newlyweds you want some time alone.  Consider a night away at another part of the resort or add a few nights on the end just for the two of you.  Some quality time to reflect on your day and the buddymoon before your return to real life is essential.

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