Scenting Your Celebration.

Are you scenting your celebration?  We often think about what perfume or aftershave we are going to wear but what is your venue going to smell like?  It isn’t possible to rely on your floral arrangements as flower farms are breading scent out of display flowers.  If we want them to last longer removing the scent is the quickest way!  Next time you are at the supermarket take a quick whiff of the flowers on display, no smell.

Do You Even Bother Scenting Your Celebration?

I am not one to add another task to your to do list, think about this seriously for a few moments.  Do you love lighting scented candles at home?  Are you someone who has multiple perfumes or aftershave to choose from?  Is your wedding indoors in a venue where the doors will be closed?  If you have answered yes to at least two of these questions, then scenting your celebration is for you.  If not don’t worry about it.  Whilst all the celebrations I have attended with scent it has been noticed and commented on, equally those that haven’t no one has noticed!  It is quite a new trend that isn’t for everyone, hello hayfever sufferers, so you can take it or leave it.  If your venue is in warmer weather and predominantly outside, it is not worth spending the money.

Will Your Venue Allow You To Scent Your Celebration?

Once you have decided to scent your celebration ask your venue if this is possible.  Most venues allow candles provided they are in glass containers.  For those that don’t diffusers, room sprays and scented ceramic ovals are the way to go.  You won’t need many.  One or two candles is plenty and can be lit by your florist when they are decorating the room.  I used one small diptique candle for my sisters Hen’s celebrations.  We lit it an hour before everyone arrived and it had perfectly filled the room by the time everyone had entered.

Where Can You Find Your Scent For Your Celebration?

Do you have a favourite candle or perfume smell?  Stick with something you know and use this.  Or splash out and buy a scent specifically for your celebration.  Diptyque have a great selection of candles, room sprays, diffusers and ceramic ovals.  Visit their liberty store and choose your favourite smells.  Jo Malone has a Scent Your Wedding booking service that you can select online.  A 30 minute appointment where a consultant takes your through different scents and find your perfect one or combination.

Are you putting together your wedding structure? I have tips here for you.


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