Three Different Entertainment Ideas For Your Celebration.

Picture of a silhouette artist having made a silhouette of a bride.  Three Different Entertainment Ideas For Your Celebration.

When you have a large gathering of friends and family, who likely don’t know each other, how can you bring everyone together quickly?  The easiest way is to have entertainment that delights and creates some fun that everyone can then talk about.  Here are three different entertainment ideas for your celebration.  They can be at your milestone event or at your wedding, before your reception in that lull where guests are looking for something to do!

Tarot Card and Crystal Readings

A little bit of fun having tarot card and crystal readers roaming the floor or sitting at a table.  The reader asks the guest to participate and select card or crystals and then interprets these.  Your guests can have a bit of fun asking questions.  It’s all a bit of fun and nothing too serious.

Foot Massage

We rarely look after our feet and take the time to give them a break.  Set up a foot masseuse in a private corner and watch everyone love having a foot rub for five minutes.  Ideally have two therapists so that they can take a break and refill their water stations.  This is particularly good at destination weddings if there is a long break between the wedding and reception.  Guaranteed line of people waiting!

Silhouette Artist

Mingling with your guests, seemingly just one of them, a Silhouette Artist engages in conversation with a group.  A few minutes later, having produced their tool of the trade, small scissors, a silhouette is held up of one of you!  What a lovely token of thanks for your guests to enjoy.  The Silhouette Artist can mount the cutting onto a card, which includes your celebrations details and quickly I’ve watched other guests line up for theirs.  Such a fascinating skill and highly entertaining!


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