Five Wedding Trends.

The wedding fairs of February have come and gone and they were lots of fun!  There were five distinct trends that shone through.  In addition, all the vendors I spoke with have been working on their sustainability and limiting plastic waste.  Reusing items where they can at multiple weddings.  One cake specialist told me she has fake wedding tiers that are iced to limit food waste.  Genius!

A black polka dot veil. Five Wedding Trends.

Embroidered Veils.

We saw the Duchess of Sussex with an embroidered veil for her weddings.  Each commonwealth countries flower was hand stitched into the edging.  A lovely tribute.  Model Haley Bieber had the quote “Till death do us part” on the bottom edge of her veil’s train.  Embroidered veils are starting to trend with polka dot, colourful flower and even clusters of daisies.  Stunning and beautiful this is a lovely way to pep up your veil.  The veil in the photo is from here.

Three tier cake with illustrations.  Five Wedding Trends.

Hand Painted Cakes.

The last few years we have seen stunning cakes with 3D geometry and full of colour.  Hand painted cakes are here.  Illustrators are taking their beautiful skills and putting them on tiered cakes.  If you love Monet’s watercolours, you can have this look on your cake!

A bouquet from sustainable florist Wetherly.  Five Wedding Trends.

Sustainable Floristry.

It can be done!  More and more British flower growers are cropping up, (pun intended!) and coming together to offer couples sustainable floristry options.  Typically, this means your choice is limited to the flowers that are in season, rest assured there is colour most of the year.  Also look for florists that are limiting their plastic wastage and use of florist foam.  Both landfill items can be avoided.  My favourite florist at the moment that does this is Wetherly.

Alice Gabb banners hung on a wall.  Five Wedding Trends.

Wedding Banners.

Wedding banners themselves aren’t that new but these lovely hand-crafted velvet ones with gold tassels from Alice Gabb are!  Having researched traditional banners shapes and sizes, Alice has put together two sizes that include the brass pole and fittings.  The best bit is you can use this again at home to remind you of your day.

Grazing table full of food!  Five Wedding Trends.

Grazing Tables.

What started as a trend for parties and house warmings has now trickled over to weddings where sit down, three course meals are considered stuffy.  Grazing tables are fantastic for that in between time as well for guests to keep occupied and full.


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