London Facial Treatments Before Your Big Day.

I’m very interested in modern facial treatments and how to get beautiful skin for a celebration.  For me acne has been present for over two decades and doesn’t look like it is going anywhere.  I’ve tried nearly everything, and it is only the most recent technology with lasers that can be in salon or at home that I have seen any changes.  These are my top London facial treatments before your big day.  They can be a one off treat or you can do a course.  And the great thing about lasers, unlike a traditional facial, you can have them a few days before without getting any breakouts!

Sarah Chapman Dermalux LED Light Treatment.

This machine is top of its class and is the best I have ever had!  At Sarah Chapman you can sit in the light pod which is located at the back of the store.  Don’t worry there is a chain curtain and once you are in no one would be able to recognise you.  In fact, all the times I have been there no one has walked down that end of the store!  If you want more privacy you can book a room for a higher cost. 

The light is perfect for healing any red marks from pimples.  Mine used to hang around for up to a year and this machine makes them heal within a month when I went weekly.  You see results the next day and the superficial ones, plump skin last about a week.  Not in London?  Dermalux have expanded their salons in the past six months so search their site for somewhere near you.  Lots of places offer it as part of a facial but I personally never did this.

Face Gym.

Annoyingly this works!  Laying in a chair and having all the stress massaged out of my face I looked refreshed.  It was as if I had been on an all-inclusive beach holiday where I got the perfect amount of sleep!  Face Gym is a massage technique sourced from India that helps to reinvigorate the muscles and drain the puffiness.  It does work, and I’ve bought an at home roller from the Body Shop to try and replicate it.  I have to say I can see a difference in my face when I use it!

Sarah Bradden Facials with Acupuncture.

This treatment is on my wish list.  Combining a facial with LED, micro needling and acupuncture it is considered the best on offer in London.  I’ve not had acupuncture but everyone I know who has says it works quickly and efficiently.  Sarah has designed her facials to be had three months apart and her waitlist shows just how popular she is.

Are you scenting the room of your celebration?  Not sure where to start?  I have you covered.  Read this blog post.


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