The Rise of The Micro Wedding.

Couples have long spoken about the cost of weddings and how it can escalate out of control.  With everyday costs on the rise, pay rises few and far between and housing deposits requiring sacrificing of limbs, micro weddings are becoming more common.  I’ve been a guest at two and been the celebrant for one micro wedding, and they are some of the best celebrations I have been to.

The Only Guests Are The Ones You Leave The Party With.

Micros weddings are typically small with only around 20 guests.  Think the people you regularly gravitate to at large parties, the ones who are there to the end of your house party.  These are the key group that you consider inviting after your immediate family.  No aunties or cousins who you only see at Christmas.  Just the people who are supporting you in your everyday life.

Your Venue Can Be Multipurpose.

With numbers being small at a micro wedding your venue options open up.  Consider a fantastic home through Airbnb where you can marry in the garden and have a large table for everyone to eat around.  Afterwards everyone can spread out but still be close to create the party atmosphere you want.

Quality Time With Everyone.

One of the biggest concerns my couples have are how they are going to speak with every guest.  I advise them it just isn’t possible.  People will come to you and there is a likely chance some people you won’t see at all.  Micro weddings change this and guarantee you can see everyone who comes.

Save Money.

Let’s be honest weddings are expensive. Having a micro wedding allows you to make the most of your budget without spending a house deposit on one day. It can also mean that you can afford something a little more lux due to the smaller guests list.

Are you considering having a micro wedding?  Whilst it may seem harsh limiting the guest list I would highly recommend it!

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