The No Wedding Party Trend.

All my couples look for ways to reduce stress and save money on their wedding day, and not having a wedding party is becoming a more popular choice.  In the UK the wedding party typically sit down leaving the bride and from centre stage.  Not having a wedding party at all visually makes no difference on the day.  There are a few things to think about including who helps you get ready and helps with tasks before and on the day.

Less People To Worry About and Pay For.

The biggest difference I have observed where there is no wedding party is the reduced stress in the lead up.  My couples aren’t trying to gather everyone together to try on dresses and suits.  There isn’t an early call time on the day for hair and makeup.  The conversation with friends on how much to spend on a dress and who pays.  Equally no need to think about presents to thank your wedding party.  Less worry and savings to be had.

Get Ready Together or With Family.

Not having a wedding party on the day does mean that you need to think about who will be with you getting ready.  My couples are choosing to get dressed together with family arriving near the end.  Wise as from experience wedding dresses aren’t that simple to get into!

Friends Will Volunteer Or Hire A Professional.

In all the examples I have witnessed friends of the couples have come forward to volunteer for roles.  Hen and Stag parties are being organised by good friends.  Others have put their hands up to help set up and direct people on the day.  The best result here is that people want to do these tasks for you and volunteers know what they are best at.  You may want to consider hiring a professional for the day who runs the event for you. This is something I regularly do for my couples.


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