Celebration Locations Where You Can Really Party!

Whether you are having a milestone birthday or a wedding celebration sometimes the locations in the UK can restrict your partying!  Many have strict 11pm and 1am shut offs.  Understandable, as they are often located in suburban areas and don’t want to disturb local residents.  But what if you and your fellow party goers want to make a night of it or even a weekend?  I’ve put together a list of locations that allow this, and hopefully inspire you to find something that works for your celebration.

Glen Dye, just south of Aberdeen, nr Cairngorms National Park

A private estate with a wilderness setting on the banks of River Dye.  Camp Glen Dye is made up of various cottages and cabins.  You can choose to hire all of these and add camping facilities too creating your own village for your celebration.  I’d love to stay in the Airstream!  There are plenty of local walks and adventures to be had alongside your own campfire food extravaganza.

Spitbank Fort, Portmouth

Have you ever wanted to have your own private island?  Spitbank Fort is a luxury island with lots of amenities away from the mainland.  Travel there by private boat and enjoy champagne receptions, multi course dinners and English breakfasts.  Plenty of activities can be done by you and your guests from roasting marshmallows, hot pool on the upstairs deck, fishing and even learn the art of champagne sabrage.  The best bit is you can invite a larger crew and then have your nearest and dearest stay longer in one of the nine ensuite rooms.

Soho Farm House, Oxfordshire

Set across a 4000 acres estate of countryside, Soho Farm House has a modern take on celebrating at your local farm.  All guests leave their cars at the gate and travel around on bicycles or milk floats to their cabin or cottage accommodation. There are 40 cabins of various sizes you can hire for your celebration.  Outdoors baths are common, and every angle of every space is instagrammable!  Converted barn spaces are where your main party will start before you head to the onsite pub or a stone building for post-midnight dancing.


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