Milestone Birthday Celebration Ideas.

Are you having a milestone birthday soon?  Your 30th, 40th or maybe your 50th?  Exciting!  Have you thought about how you will be celebrating your birthday with family and friends?  There are lots of great ways to bring everyone together for your big day.  Here are three ideas that allow your group to be together and isolate from the rest of the world.

Murder Mystery Party.

A who dunnite full of fun.  There are plenty of at home versions of murder mystery parties that you can purchase online.  Many come with scripts, invitations and character descriptions.  The only thing you as the host will need is a location and some food and drink.  Even the most reluctant guest typically jumps at the chance to participate in one of these parties.

Chef’s Tables.

Want to get up and close with your favourite restaurants kitchen?  It is time to splash out and book the Chefs Table.  The best seat in the house allows you to watch all the food being plated, including your own selections.  Despite what you might think it isn’t just the really posh restaurants offering Chefs Tables.  Plenty of middle range restaurants have jumped on this trend to show off their staffs skills and create a unique experience for their customers.

Rent A House On The Beach.

I love watching movies where the main characters stay at a true ocean front villa.  Walking from the back door straight onto the beach is my dream.  There are plenty of options, but one that has caught my attention are these traditional beach houses at Costa da Caparica, near Lisbon.  Built on the beach facing the Atlantic Ocean, you can watch the local fisherman bring in their haul and buy direct.  There are five in total that you can coordinate and bring all your friends along to.  Local shops and amenities are nearby, and it is only a short trip into the centre of Lisbon.


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