Dessert Ideas for Your Celebration.

I am a huge fan of sweet things and dessert is my favourite part of any meal.  When I go to new restaurants with friends, I ask for the dessert menu so that I can plan my whole meal!  If there is a great dessert, then I’ll chose a lighter main. If the dessert menu isn’t to my liking I can splash out on the main, and not be disappointed when the dessert menu appears.  I’ve seen many dessert ideas at the celebrations I have attended and thought I would share my favourites with you.


I’m a great fan of donuts and they tend to be a crowd pleaser.  There hasn’t been a celebration I have been at where anyone has commented they don’t like donuts!  The donut wall was very popular for a long time for its instagramness.  It works well in cooler climates, but beware the donut wall that has been hit by the sun all day.  Mini donuts work well as they are easily shared between two and can be made fresh.  You can customise the icing to your celebration colours and even go really fancy with edible gold leaf.

Ice Cream.

If this is your favourite dessert it can be served all year round when presented in miniature form.  Even a winter wedding can have ice cream in small waffle cones. Yum!  Multiple flavours and the ability to offer seconds, and thirds, this is a great option.


Whilst not a new idea to have a cake made of cupcakes, I still rate this one.  Multiple flavours and toppings can be done ensuring every guests is satisfied.  The idea works well when there is also a small topper cake for weddings allowing the cutting of the cake to happen.


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