Alternative Wedding Bouquet for You.

Everyone loves a real flower bouquet at a wedding but for some flowers are not our friends! Allergies and hayfever can make the thought of real flowers stressful. I have also worked with couples whose primary residence is in the US or Asia, and taking the bouquet on a plane is not an option. If you are looking for alternatives for your bouquet here is one of my favourites.

Bouquet from

Wedding Bouquets Made from Paper

Beautiful paper bouquets are fantastic as they allow you to have any flower you want regardless of the season. Modern artists add all the stem and pollen details to make the bouquet look as real as possible. The use of paper flowers can be extended to the family and wedding party with buttonholes and floral crowns. Do you have your something old that you want added to the bouquet? Not a problem. Many makers can help create secure spaces in your bouquet for family heirlooms.

After your celebration many of the makers offer a keepsake service where they place your bouquet in a box that you can hang on your wall. Still want to have real flowers but also a reminder from your day? I love Petal and Bird, who along making paper bouquets, also do recreations of entire bouquets or individual flowers for boxing. What a fabulous way to celebrate the first anniversary which is traditionally paper.

Creations from Petal and Bird


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