Two Gift Ideas That Guarantee Smiles.

Looking for something different to gift at the next celebration or wedding you are going to? Here are two gifts that are guaranteed to bring smiles. Tried and tested by me!

Border In A Box.

If they have a garden Border in A Box is the perfect gift of seeds to help bring their space to life. Choose from a variety of boxes depending on soil type or the over flower effect or blow the budget and invest in a bespoke border design by founder Nikki Hollier. Not many people can say their garden was designed by a Royal Horticultural Society People’s Choice Award winner!

Personalised Jigsaw Puzzle.

Wentworth jigsaw puzzles have fabulous personalised puzzles where you can upload ant picture you like. Then choose from customised puzzle pieces. The wedding puzzle can include date pieces and shapes like champagne bottles and cakes. Birthdays can have the letters of happy birthday scattered through the puzzle and more. Their designers have ideas for all occasions and gift cards are available so the recipient can choose a picture that means the most to them.

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