Save On Save The Dates.

Let’s be honest, receiving save the dates is lovely but once we have put that in the diary those lovely bits of card are bound for the bin. Save your money for the invites or drop both altogether with these sites.

A little bit annoying as you have to sign up before you can see what is on offer but believe me when I say it is worth it. They have thousands of templates for all sorts of invites and other things like CV’s, presentations and more. You will find everything you need to make your save the dates and invites including logo’s, colour palettes and a variety of borders. Most of the elements are free and those that aren’t start from $1. You won’t need many to make everything you want. Then simply download or screenshot and send out through emails and whatsapp. Done!

Paperless Post.

A dedicated card site it doesn’t take much to turn one of their suggested templates into your wedding invitation. They have partnerships with designers you will recognise and plenty of free or low priced elements. The main difference of Paperless Post is that you can upload your email list and they will send your invites for you. When received the invitation will animate so that the recipient is ‘opening’ their post. I love this site and use it a lot for sending ‘just because’ messages to my sister.


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