Tips on Organising Your Transport.

Organising transport for your day can be an important factor especially if you have multiple venues.  I’ve conducted weddings where we have waited an hour as one half was stuck in traffic, and then the other extreme where they arrived 30 minutes early and wanted to get started.  They had to hide in some bushes as less than half of the guests had arrived!  Here are a few tips to help you on the day.

Create A Schedule

Once you have locked in the time of your celebration create a schedule working back to waking up for the day.  All your suppliers will be able to provide timings for their services and your transport will know current traffic conditions.  I always recommend putting this schedule up on the wall.  Consider naming those with key responsibilities on the schedule too.  This way everyone can refer to the schedule as they get ready, and ask those responsible any questions, leaving you to relax and enjoy your prep time. 

Share Your Schedule

Make sure to share the timing information with your Celebrant so that they can pace the ceremony well.  I’ve never had a ceremony start on time, ranging from a few minutes to an hour late, but I have always managed to get things back on track.  One of the benefits of having your ceremony and reception in one place means that the venue can easily make up the time.  Knowing timings for when people need to move on allows me to help you manage your guests between the ceremony and reception.

Have Transport Dedicated To You

A few years ago couples were able to use Ubers and rely on similar ‘in the moment’ app companies.  I have noticed recently that the reliability of these companies isn’t as strong, causing anxiety on a day that is already full of heightened emotions. 

Best to ensure that the transport you have is for you only, whether it be a friend’s car, fancy rental or a dedicated car service.  Don’t rely on an app or flagging down a taxi cab.  The weather can turn, and demand can suddenly be high, plus petrol shortages mean I always recommend hybrid private car services.


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