Hello lovely!

Over the past ten years I have participated in many of my friends’ weddings.  I’ve done readings and poems and most recently MC’D a number of receptions.   My voice and movement Acting Studio accreditation, from the Victorian Collage of Arts (VCA), has come in handy!

This all came together when two fantastic friends of mine asked me to write and conduct their ceremony.   I was so excited about the prospect of telling their story to everyone they held dear I took the responsibility very seriously.  So seriously, I have been rigorously trained with Humanists UK as a wedding celebrant (click here to read about my wedding services).  It was one of the toughest and thorough learning experiences of my life!

Humanist ceremonies are completely unique to every couple and reflect their own tastes and style.  The ceremony can be as big and formal as a traditional wedding in a registered venue, to something more informal just between the couple and a handful of friends.  Locations are varied, and I have attended weddings on the edge of clifftops, within the ruins of an art deco theatre and in a cute timber chapel.  The only limit is your imagination!

With so many decisions to be made in the wedding process I am here to help write and guide your ceremony for the day.  Humanist ceremonies can unite everyone regardless of their religious beliefs and create a day of celebration. 

The ceremonies I write as a celebrant allow us to work together to reflect who you are through words, songs, actions and readings.  Having witnessed standard religious and civil ceremonies I wholeheartedly believe that the one size fits all, drop in names here approach, to be why many couples disconnect from their ceremony. 

If you have any ideas of your own, we can start with these.  Don’t feel daunted by where to start. This is my job and I will guide you through it!

Learn more about the ceremony process here. If you need an MC for your reception or someone to run behind the scenes read how I can help here.

As well as wedding ceremonies I also conduct milestone celebrations. Are you celebrating remission from cancer, a big overseas move or a milestone birthday? I can work with you to create a ceremony celebrating you and help to kick start your party!

I can’t wait to sit down with you and put your ceremony together.  Please get in touch so we can get started!  Jessica