Congratulations on your upcoming marriage!  If you would like to work with me get in touch and we can set up a quick introduction conversation via Skype or Zoom.  Let’s make sure we are a good fit for each other. Choosing a Humanist ceremony means your ceremony will be bespoke to you and reflect your relationship and stories.

How Does It Work?

Once we decide to go ahead we exchange a contract with a non refundable deposit. This means I hold the date for you and do not accept any other couples on this day. Overall I find I average 15-20 hours per wedding from our first meeting, developing the script, rehearsal and the day!

From here we meet for a planning session around three months before your big day. This session is two to three hours to discuss all aspects of your wedding ceremony. Prior to this meeting I will have sent you homework to prompt you both about what you would like to include. Don’t stress this is just to get your warmed up for the planning session. I also share with you all the questions we go through in the planning session. You don’t need to know any answers until the session, most couples don’t and we work through all the options.

In the session I will share a folder packed full of reading and vow examples. These are not definitive and are thought starters to help you. We will discuss them when we meet.

After our meeting I go away and write the script for your ceremony. Once I have emailed it to you we can have more in person meetings, calls or converse by email for any changes. The script belongs to you and you should be happy with Every. Single. Word.

Included in my fee is attendance at the rehearsal where I will instruct everyone participating in the ceremony on their placements. Rehearsals are mandatory, they help get rid of nerves! It is also a way to make sure everyone involved is clear on their role, and has practised where they will be placed in the room. If your venue is hesitant to allow a rehearsal I have ways around this.

On the ceremony day I will be in attendance at least an hour prior to ensure the venue is set up as instructed. Any last minute hiccups with ceremony participants will be squared away by me.

How Much Does It Cost?

The total cost is £695 and is split into three payments.

The first is the £200 non refundable deposit which secures your date. The second payment of £295 is requested when we finalise the planning session. The final payment of £200 is due 14 days before your ceremony date.

All payments have a seven day payment term and are done via bank transfer. You can read the booking terms and conditions here.

Will You Travel To Us?

Of course. Some travel is included in the fee. Travel abroad or an overnight stay will require a bespoke fee and I will confirm this before we start working together.

Travel will be booked in consultation with you approx. three months before the ceremony date. I stay in basic accommodation and look for the most affordable train/plane/taxi options.

Humanists UK celebrants are covered by public liability and professional indemnity insurance. In the case of something happening to me there is a large network of celebrants who will fill in at the last moment. We have all had the same training and work in a similar fashion. Whilst a rare occurrence, my notes about you as a couple and a copy of the script will ensure a celebrant stepping in will have no trouble leading your ceremony.

Let’s Do It!

Sound good?! Let’s get started with an email and we can organise that first introduction call. Jessica